Lake Look

Lake Look is a monthly essay produced by the Lake Champlain Committee and written by staff scientist Mike Winslow. Essays cover the natural history of the lake and current issues about lake management. Lake Look is distributed to newspapers throughout the basin and is available to members by email. Click here to sign up online to receive them. Links below take you to some recent columns. Click on "Archives" to access columns from previous years.

Many of the Lake Look columns have been pulled together in LCC's award-winning book LAKE CHAMPLAIN: A NATURAL HISTORY

Spiny Water Flea Have Arrived - What Next?
September 2014 - Predictions about the ecological impacts of Lake Champlain's latest invasive species - the spiny water flea.
The Lake Protection Pledge
August 2014 - Steps all basin residents can take to reduce their impact on Lake Champlain
Monitoring Algae Blooms
July 2014 - How do we know when and where blue-green algae blooms occur on the lake?
Bass Tournaments
May 2014 - Does the proliferation of fishing tournaments affect the health of the lake?
Rail Transport of Oil Poses Lake Risk
April 2014 - The boom in fossil fuel extraction out west means a huge increase in traffic of dangerous unit trains along the shore of Lake Champlain
Planning Shoreline Protection Projects
March 2014 - What factors should landowners consider before undertaking erosion control projects?
Nurdles to Neuston
February 2014 - small plastic pellets from soaps and other products can be found in our waters
Pharmaceuticals in Water
January 2014 - drugs from our medicine cabinets are getting into our water. What does it mean?
Agricultural Tile Drains - Beneficial or Costly?
December 2013 - what does the spread of tile drainage mean for Lake Champlain water quality?
Tenuous Links Between Blue-green algae and Neurological Diseases
November 2013 - evidence is unclear about whether blue-green algae might play a role in Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease
October 2013 - Learn more about a real Lake Champlain "monster", the long-nosed gar
Dirt Roads
September 2013 - how much phosphorus pollution comes from dirt roads in the Champlain Basin?
Algae Bloom Triggers
August 2013 - why do algae blooms occur when they do?
July 2013 - an introduction to these blood sucking denizens of our lakes
June 2013 - Investigating an illness outbreak at a public beach
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