April 8, 2019 - The Lake Between - International Conference

The Lake Between (Le lac qui nous unit) – is an International Conference designed to bring together academics, business leaders, policy-makers, outdoor enthusiasts, boaters and swimmers, musicians and artists to talk about Lake Champlain. This conference is open to all interested in the past, present and future of our shared lake. 

To the Abenaki, it was Bitawbagok, “the waters in between,” separating Abenaki and Iroquois homelands. Lake Champlain today links the states of Vermont and New York with the province of Quebec, and the United States with Canada. Across the past 400 years, in fact, these waters have knit a shared historical legacy of imperial colonization and conflict, international trade and tourism, and in the cross-border management of its fish and fisheries, agricultural run-off, and flood waters.

In this conference we tell this story engaging with those who care about the Lake and leaders from different ​disciplines ​and ​perspectives ​to ​talk ​about ​our ​shared ​resource, ​how ​it ​is ​managed ​and ​the ​issues ​that ​face ​it ​into ​the ​future. ​ 

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This event is co-sponsored by the Lake Champlain Committee.

The conference is 8-4 April 8 2019 at UVM’s Davis Center, Burlington, Vermont

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Early Bird Registration is $25.00 ($40 after Dec. 15 2018)

Early Bird Registration is $25.00 ($40 after Dec. 15 2018)

Registration includes light breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.