Reporting Blue-green Algae on Lake Champlain

Use this form to report on algae conditions.

Blue-green algae blooms can be easily confused with other natural phenomena. Please consult our guide to Recognizing Blue-green Algae in Lake Champlain before reporting a bloom. If there is a bloom, avoid direct contact (see Vermont Department of Health link).

Also, our guide to categories of algae bloom intensity and our instructions for photographing algae blooms and taking water samples will be helpful in filling out the form below.

Algae Reporting Form

Algae Reporting Form - 2017

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Type of report
Please choose the category (see links above) that best describes conditions and intensity of any bloom present*
Extent of algae bloom on open water (Evaluate the area within 100 yards of where you are).
Algae Color
Water surface
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