Capital to Capitol Paddle En Route to DC

The team will travel in a 36' Voyageur canoe on a 1,118 mile journey from Ottawa to Washington, D.C. Graphic by Capital to Capitol.

On September 5 a group of paddlers set off from Ottawa Ontario in a voyageur canoe bound for Washington DC. They will follow an 1800 kilometer route on rivers, lakes and canals to learn more about local water issues and stimulate greater civic engagement and collaboration in protecting water resources. The voyage is a project of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Traditionally, voyageur canoes carried cargos of furs and trade goods. But according to organizers, the Capital to Capitol canoe carries a different kind of payload – a dream that Canada and the United States will work together to protect and restore the waterways that connect us. LCC is assisting with the group’s paddle on Lake Champlain where they hope to arrive around September 14. Click here to learn more about the Capital to Capitol endeavor and follow their journey.