Go out for Earth Day

Get outside to celebrate and explore the planet this Earth Day. Photo by Lori Fisher.

Outside that is. Walk, run, hike, bike, paddle, or fish in the great outdoors. Breath some fresh air, get a little dirty or wet, take in the sunshine – or the rain (or snow), watch the stars. Commune with nature. Getting out into the greenery is known to brighten moods and improve health. Research indicates that spending time in natural areas makes people happy and speeds recovery from stress and fatigue. Plants and trees are living, breathing filter systems - they detoxify the air by absorbing many substances that can be harmful to people, like excess carbon dioxide and dust particles. Exercising on hills, fields or in water helps improve musculoskeletal health. Celebrate the forests, wetlands, meadows, mountains, shoreline and waterbodies of mother earth by exploring! And if you have a chance, take some photos and send them our way