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Cyanobacteria Monitor Agreement

  • Attend an LCC online training
  • Have weekly access to your state park lakeshore location
  • Wear gloves and avoid dermal exposure when taking water samples
  • Read and follow guidance in the LCC weekly emails to monitors
  • Follow all applicable local, state, and federal COVID safety guidelines while monitoring
  • Agree not to sample or assess conditions at any public locations if you are feeling sick, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have had close contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last five days
  • Follow any posted COVID-19 guidelines at any public sites where you monitor and agree not to monitor if the site isn’t open for public use
  • Wear a face mask and practice physical distancing at public sites including state parks, beaches and boat launches if required
  • Assess conditions weekly, daily during bloom periods (through the time a bloom dissipates) if possible, and file timely reports via an online form after meeting the above protocols