Lake Champlain Committee General Volunteer Response Form

Looking to volunteer at the Lake Champlain Committee (LCC)? Complete the general volunteer response form below. It's the easiest way for us to match your volunteer interests with our needs!

If you have administrative, fundraising, or carpentry skills, expertise in water policy, a boat to lend, a knack for office work, or a desire to be a lake activist, and would like to volunteer your services, we would love your help!

General Volunteer Response Form

General Volunteer Response Form
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To protect Lake Champlain we need people to advocate for clean accessible water. LCC has launched CLEAN - Clean Lake Environmental Action Network - to develop a cadre of citizens we can call on to speak out for the lake.
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Occasionally LCC staff and volunteers need boat transportation to specific areas on the lake. If you have a boat and can help with this, please fill out the information below.