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If you are interested in learning more about blue-green algae or want to help monitor lake conditions, please join Lake Champlain Committee (LCC) Staff Scientist Mike Winslow for an informational training session Friday (6/28) at 9:00 AM at Kingsland Bay State Park in North Ferrisburgh. The presentation will last about an hour and provide background about blue-green algae, guidance on how to distinguish it from other lake phenomena, and instructions for assessing water conditions.

LCC blue-green algae monitors provide weekly observations about water quality from designated locations around the lake from mid-June through Labor Day. To become a monitor you need to attend an LCC training session, have weekly access to the same shoreline location and the ability to submit online reports. The program provides critical data on where and when blooms are happening and is relied on by municipalities, park managers, and public health and environmental agencies to assess whether the water is safe for recreation. It also adds to our knowledge about the triggers for blooms so we can reduce their frequency. If you'd like to become a monitor or just want to learn more about the lake, please attend the session. You can RSVP online or just show up. Feel free to bring friends and neighbors. Check with the attendant to see if the $3.00 per person park entrance fee is waived for training session participants.

Thanks for all you do!

Lori Fisher, LCC Executive Director