2022 Weekly Cyanobacteria Emails to the Community

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LCC Week 1 Cyanobacteria Monitoring Report!

Thank you for signing up to receive the Lake Champlain Committee (LCC) Cyanobacteria monitoring reports! Monitoring began the week of June 19 and will run through early fall. Each week we’ll send you an update about conditions monitors are finding around Lake Champlain and several inland lakes. Your weekly emails will usually be sent on a Friday or Monday of the following week but your next email will come out on Tuesday, July 5. This week’s report covers conditions from Sunday, June 19 through Saturday, June 25, 2022. Clear water dominated on the cyanobacteria tracker for Lake Champlain for the first week of monitoring during the 2022 season but several inland waterways experienced blooms.  

LCC Week 2 Cyanobacteria Monitoring Report!

We received mainly good water quality reports during the second week of the cyanobacteria monitoring program. Scroll through this email for details of Week 2 2022 monitoring results from 6/26/22 through 7/2/22; photos of clean water conditions at Lake Champlain’s Button Bay, Oakledge ParkNorth Beach, and Valcour Island; check out a cool monitor innovation for water sampling without getting wet; and learn about the ingredients for a bloom.


Another week of mainly good water conditions reported by over 100 monitors from Lake Champlain and inland lake locations. Blooms showed up in Lake Champlain’s Mallett’s Bay, North Lake, and Missisquoi Bay and on Lake Carmi and Lake Memphremagog. Read on for details of Week 3 2022 monitoring results from 7/3/22 through 7/9/22; to learn about the colors of blooms and how to distinguish duckweed from cyanobacteria; and to see bloom close-ups, and clear water at Valcour IslandCamp Kiniya, and around Lake Champlain.


Our week 4 cyanobacteria monitoring report for July 10 through July 16 was delayed due to a breakdown with the cyanobacteria tracker. Monitors filed 187 reports during a busy week with blooms showing up in Lake Champlain’s Inland Sea, Main Lake North, Main Lake Central, and Main Lake South and at Lake Carmi and Lake Memphremagog while all other inland waterways reported good conditions. Please scroll through this email for Week 4 Monitoring Results for 7/10 – 7/16/22, and visuals of where cyanobacteria existbottled bloomsLake Carmi cyanobacteria close-ups, and clear water at Valcour Island and Spring Lake.