Advancing An Environmental Common Agenda

A ban of toxic PFAS chemicals from firefighting foam, food packaging, and residential carpets and rugs is one of the measures being advanced through the 2020 Common Agenda. Graphic from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).

Earlier this month Jared Carpenter, LCC’s Water Protection Advocate, joined with colleagues from the Vermont Conservation Voters, Vermont Natural Resource Council and other organizations to present the 2020 Environmental Common Agenda. The Common Agenda represents priorities of environmental groups across Vermont who are working to engage policy makers and citizens on important issues that affect water, air, land, wildlife, communities and health. Key priorities for the 2020 legislative session are:

  • Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and hold polluters accountable.
  • Implement climate change policies that drive down our climate pollution, create jobs and help citizens access clean, affordable solutions.
  • Modernize Act 250 to better protect natural resources, wildlife and working lands while encouraging development in walkable and livable community centers.

Jared will be working on these and other water protection measures this session. Click here to access the full plan that includes proposed legislative solutions.