Algae Monitoring Season Wrap Up

Sampling water in Mississquoi Bay. Photo by Allison Freeman

LCC wrapped up our 7th algae monitoring season just after Labor Day. Overall, although patchy blooms continued in Missisquoi Bay and sporadic blooms popped up in other parts of the lake, the frequency and intensity of blooms was lower this summer than in most past monitoring seasons. LCC staff identified a bloom in Kelly Bay at the far north end of the lake by the Rouses Point Bridge, an unusual place for such blooms. Though it is well known that high nutrient levels promote algae blooms, the exact triggers that determine when and where blooms occur are still unclear. The monitoring program is a key to efforts to identify toxic blooms, protect public health, and work for solutions.  

Sincere thanks to the Lake Champlain Basin Program for funding support, our program partner Dr. Mary Watzin of the University of Vermont Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory and our faithful 2009 season monitors for their weekly wading into the water: Jennifer Bowman, Sally and Jim Brabham, Bryan Burke, Al Carpenter, Chris Case, Carson Cornbrooks, Deborah Diemand, Marc Eisenhower, David Greenough, Bill Magnus, Robert Martell, John McBride, Gary Molinski, Bob Murphy, Martha Perry, Larry and Jeanine Pratt, Mike Roach, Micah Rose, Julia Smith, Mark Sweeney, and Doug Ward.

Click here for an overview of the seasons monitoring results or go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.