Algae Update

For much of the lake, swimming conditions have improved dramatically since early July when algae blooms were widespread. <br>Photo by Lori Fisher

Algae blooms on Lake Champlain have calmed down since early July when a heat wave triggered blooms from Charlotte to Port Henry. Sampling done by LCC monitors during the week of July 26th reported no blooms in the northern lake, Missisquoi Bay, the Main Lake, or the Inland Sea.

The one exception is in St. Albans Bay where blooms of potentially toxic algae species have been noted, but no actual toxins have been reported.  

As always, algae blooms can pop up most anywhere in the lake, and will move around with shifting wind and water currents. Anyone recreating on the lake should watch for and avoid dense accumulations of algae. For help in identifying blooms, check out check out LCC’s pamphlet on floating phenomena (pdf).