Bacteria Close Beaches Around the Region

Plattsburgh City Beach was one of several closed due to high bacterial counts. Photo by Plattsburgh Press Republican.

A number of beaches were closed in late August due to the presence of bacteria. Beaches in Colchester and Shelburne were closed August 18. Plattsburgh City Beach closed on August 23 for the second time this summer. Colin Read, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Plattsburgh has called for the creation of a task force to identify sources of contamination for the beach. On August 24 New York DEC closed Million Dollar Beach and Dog Beach on Lake George. Most beaches reopened within a day or so, but the Lake George beaches remain closed until later in the month. One possible explanation for the raft of closings is that dry weather has allowed a greater than normal build-up of animal waste on land. When rains finally do come, they then wash more bacteria into the waters.