Blue Waters Coalition Presses for Water Investments

LCC and others are urging legislators to invest in water protection. Photo by Wikipedia.

LCC is part of a 32-member coalition of environmental groups, angler associations, and businesses who have signed a resolution urging public officials and elected leaders to make greater investments in protecting and restoring our waterways and water infrastructure.

Speaking at the coalition press conference on opening day of the 2013 Vermont Legislative session, LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher stated:

"Drinkable, accessible water, swimmable beaches, and edible fish are fundamental to our quality of life and the health of our citizens, communities, and economy. Since the passage of the Clean Water Act over 40 years ago we have made great progress by investing in delivery of clean water and proper disposal of sewage. But we have come to take these investments for granted and fallen behind in the maintenance necessary to keep them viable."

The infrastructure that treats our sewage, stormwater and delivers clean drinking water is, in many cases, aging, outdated, or inadequate. Many Vermont waterways are degraded or threatened due to excess nutrients, stormwater, sediments, toxins, and invasive species. Greater intensity and frequency of storm events further threatens our water supply and water treatment facilities. Vermont's drinking water infrastructure alone will need an investment of $395 million over the next 20 years to replace pipes and upgrade treatment.

The Blue Coalition will continue to press for legislative action as the session progresses. Click here for a copy of the "Blue Water resolution" and the growing list of coalition members.