Calling Citizen Scientists

The Chairvolotti's have been monitoring Lake Champlain water quality since 2013. Attend an upcoming training session and help report on conditions this season.

Help assess Lake Champlain water conditions around the lake. Complete our<link get-involved volunteers bgamonitors blue-green-algae-monitor-interest-form _blank internal link in current> blue-green algae monitor form if you're interested in monitoring during the 2016 season or want to attend a training session to learn more about the lake. Feel free to share this invite with other lake lovers. Monitoring begins the week of June 19 and runs through at least Labor Day with as many monitors as possible continuing to collect data until the end of September. Both new and returning monitors need to receive annual training. Participants must have weekly access to the same shoreline location (either public or private) and be able to file online reports. The program provides critical data on where and when blooms are happening and is relied on by citizens as well as health, environmental and recreation agencies. It also adds to understanding on the trigger for blooms so we can reduce their frequency. Data from the monitoring program is regularly uploaded to the Lake Champlain blue-green algae data tracker map hosted by the Vermont Department of health and accessible to anyone with internet access.

LCC will host training sessions in New York and Vermont during the second and third week of June. Presentations will last about an hour and provide background about blue-green algae, guidance on how to differentiate it from other lake phenomena, instructions for assessing water conditions, and actions to take to reduce blooms. <link get-involved volunteers bgamonitors blue-green-algae-monitor-interest-form>Sign up to attend here. Contact us at lcc@ or (802) 658-1414 if you have any questions or would like to help organize a training session for your community.