Champlain Canal Study Inches Forward

Perhaps the Army Corps can finally get to work on the Canal? Photo from Wikipedia.

Will work finally proceed on neutralizing the greatest threat for aquatic invasive species (AIS) introductions the lake faces? The proposed study of an invasive species barrier on the Champlain Canal has been forwarded by the Army Corps of Engineers to their Washington Headquarters. Finalization of the contract is expected late this summer. The importance of the canal as a source of invasive species for Lake Champlain and the idea of putting a barrier in the canal were first identified in 2005. Despite federal funding being appropriated it has taken well over a decade for the barrier study to get underway! Meanwhile round goby, hydrilla and other aquatic invasive species continue to move closer to Lake Champlain. Let's hope that the study and implementation of an AIS barrier move faster than they do. <link learn lake-look canal-web>Click here for further background on this issue.