Conserve Water

Use water efficiently. Image: Robert V on Flickr.

The mild winter has merged with a dry spring to produce lower than average lake levels. On average May is the month with the highest water levels, but the end of May lake level (95.99 feet on 5/31) is more typical of what we usually see in mid-July. Undoubtedly, groundwater levels will be affected as well. The low water levels should lead people to think about conservation. Install rain barrels to collect water from rooftops to water your lawn and garden. (An inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square foot roof will contribute about 600 gallons of water.) If you need to water plants, do it in the early morning or at night so less is lost to evaporation. Make sure sprinklers are wetting plants and not the sidewalk, road, or driveway. Sweep surfaces rather than hosing them down. For more water saving tips check out the <link lcc-at-work water-conservation water-conservation-tips-for-the-home>water conservation section of LCC’s website.