Contact your Legislator

Legislators respond to their constituents. Reach out to them to advocate for water protections and public health. Photo by Jessica Becker.

Vermont Legislators are deliberating on many measures that affect the health and future of our waterways. Let them know you want them to take action to protect and improve water quality. Updates on current bills and actions needed follow.

Water funding - A bill related to funding for long-term clean-up of state waters (S.260) passed the Senate. A new version of the bill passed out of a key House committee last week, which would put in place a long-term funding source (a new $2 fee on hotel stays starting in 2020) if another source isn’t identified in the meantime. This bill is now being considered by the House Ways & Means committee. Contact your legislators and let them know you want them to identify long-term revenue sources to pay for clean water and to create a publicly accountable entity to collect and distribute clean water funds.

Protection from toxics - The governor vetoed S.103, a bill that requires testing for contaminants in new drinking water wells and makes it easier to list and restrict toxic chemicals in children’s products. The Senate voted to override the veto (see how your Senators voted here). The House will vote on the veto next week. To override a veto you need a two-thirds majority — a very high bar. Contact your Representative and ask them to vote to override the veto of S.103 to protect drinking water and children from toxic chemicals. See how your Reps. voted on the initial bill here and click here for your legislators’ contact information.