Crowdsourcing Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change trends pose threats to the Lake Champlain watershed and Lake Champlain's water quality. Using the notion that "two heads are better than one," the University of Vermont (UVM) and Vermont EPSCoR's Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (RACC) seek to "crowdsource" solutions to these threats. Participate in an open online survey and express your ideas on climate change adaptation. Responses are anonymous and only ideas are shared with others. Join the several hundred farmers, land developers, policy makers and others already engaging in discussion.

Register to participate at this link and discuss as often or little as you desire. The crowdsource forum will be open through at least April 11. While any ideas you contribute will assist the crowdsource initiative, participants who complete the full registration are also eligible to be entered in a raffle for an iPad. The first 200 individuals to provide comments or solution suggestions will receive a $20 gift certificate to To learn more about the crowdsource effort, tune in to LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher's interview with UVM Professor Chris Koliba, a lead researcher with the RACC program.