Dooty Calls - Even In Winter

Stepping in dog poop is always "yucky" - even in winter. Photo by Lori Fisher

Winter weather doesn’t stop dogs from having to head outside to fulfill their “dooty” and it shouldn’t stop dog owners from cleaning up after their canine friends either. Unfortunately, even diligent pet owners may get a little lax about scooping poop when the mercury drops and sidewalks and walking trails become snow covered or icy. Excuses range from “it’s too cold or hard to pick up poop with gloves on” to “it doesn’t matter in winter”. It may seem harmless to leave hound mounds behind on your winter walks to melt away when temperatures rise. However, that pet waste doesn’t just disappear, it’s flushed off into our waterways with snowmelt and spring rains.

Dog waste carries nutrients that feed the growth of weeds, algae and cyanobacteria and compromise water quality and recreational use. So, do your part year round to keep our waterways, trails and parks clean. Stay diligent in cleaning up after your canine companion during the winter months. Take bags with you during dog walks and be sure your dropping bags find their way to a garbage can and are not left on the side of the trail or curb.

To help clean up after less mindful pet owners, the Lake Champlain Committee will co-host a series of  April Stools Day and Scoop the Poop events this spring at various watershed locations. If you’d like to help “scoop the poop” or organize an event for your community, please contact LCC’s Education and Outreach Coordinator Daniel Denora at danield@