LCC Legacy Fund Exceeds Goal

LCC members have raised over $30,000 to sustain our future work! If you haven't donated yet, please give to the Legacy Fund today! Photo by Lisa Liotta.

Hats off to everyone who helped grow LCC's endowment by contributing to the Legacy Fund campaign! The campaign was initiated by LCC member Cliff Landesman who wanted to do something significant to celebrate his love of the lake and longstanding involvement with LCC. "Reflecting on 25 years of friendship with LCC and the lake, I wanted to do something special, something I can't afford to do every year, to recognize how much the lake means to me", Cliff noted. "I decided to offer an incentive to help LCC raise additional funds by doubling gifts up to $10,000." Thanks to Cliff, another anonymous donor who extended the match, and hundreds of LCC members, we raised over $30,000.

"We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the campaign", said Executive Director Lori Fisher. "The money raised builds our capacity and will help sustain future efforts to protect and restore water quality, safeguard natural habitats, provide access, and foster stewardship."

If you care about the lake and want to invest in its future you can still make a contribution to the Legacy Fund. Just visit our secure website to make an online donation or contact Executive Director Lori Fisher (802 658-1421) about making a dedicated gift. Our sincere appreciation to everyone who has donated so far: Anonymous (27), Peter and Susan Alden, Lisa Alther, Ed Amidon and Louise McCarren, David and Kathryn Anderson, Paul and Anne Bakeman, Jeffery Baldwin, Larz Barber, Allison Barlow and David Ochshorn, Barton Family Lookout Lodge, Ltd. , Carolyn  L. Bates, Honora Bechard, Rick Beck, Eleanor G. Berger and Mike DiNunzio, John and Maria Bialas, Jeff and Jane Birnn, Eugenia Bishop, Bob and Janet Bogdan, Alan and Jennifer Booth, Bob and Helen Booth, John and Janet Bossi, Denise J. Brennan, Berne Broudy and Michael Donohue, Sara Burchard, Edgar and Emily Burde, Robert and Patricia Burley, Gary and Gretchen Carlson, Allan and Nadine Carpenter, Nathan Caswell, Cerf-Dunbar Fund of the Community Foundation, Champlain Water District, Niel and Genie Christiansen, Susan Clark and Mark Bushnell, Jeffrey Clock, Christine Colangeli, Robert and Anna Cook, Richard Cowperthwait, Alfred Cumming and Laurie Sedlmayr Cumming, Christine E. Curtis and Clyde Stats, Bond E. Davis III, Gordon and Melissa Davis, Jim and Caroline Dawson, Paul Demers and Joanne Heidkamp, Richard and Leanna Deneale, Bill and Maura Dickerson, Eivind and Gwendolyn Djupedal, Don and Barbara Elleman, Jon and Jackie Elliott, Christina Erickson and John Marius, Brian Esser and Julianne Krulewitz, Tim and Betsy Etchells, John and Jane Ewing, Andrew and Clara Fisher; Lori Fisher and Ben, Micah and Anya Rose; James and Linda Flynn, Donald and Suzanne Foss, Isabel Fox, Joe and Cathy Frank, Jim Fraser, Patsy  and Pat French, Thomas and Maureen Garofano, Raymond and Marcia Germain, George and Carol Gibson, Keith and Kathleen Giles, David and Mia Goodman, Jorunn Gran-Henriksen and Todd Kempainen, Stuart and Corrieann Graves, Anne Griswold; Stephen, Martine, Pascale, and Sebastian Gulick; Earl and Bonnie Hamlin, Anne Handly, John and Joanna Hawkins, John and Brigitte Helzer, Bill and Susan Herrington, Carl and Carlanne Herzogh, Janet Hicks, Michael Hirshman, Jeffrey and Irene Horbar, Fred Hutchins and Maree Gaetani, Stuart and Anzi Jacobs, Monika Jaeckle, Ray and Lola Johnson, Sally P. Johnson, Suzy Johnson and William Krueger, Rachel Jolly and Adam Walker, Andrea and Richard Kenney, Donald and Martha Kent, Harold and Carole Klein, Ari Kugelmass and Karen Ambrose, Kate Lampton, Cliff Landesman, Dean and Donna Leary, Alexandra Lehmann, Jacalyn A. Levine, Jerry and Carole Lewis, Alexa Lewis, Oak Lo Galbo, William and Alison Lockwood, Merrily Lovell, Per and Jenny Eisenman, Jim and Happy Marsh, Christopher Mason; Johnathan, Elizabeth, Adrian and Cormac Mathiesen; Richard and Mary McClintock, James and Sarah McGregor, Amy and David McNamara; Karl, Heather, Kirsten and Nils Meisterling; John Messinger, Laura and Stuart Meyer, Lisa Miller and Gregory Saum, Arthur and Beatrice Momot, John and Beverly Montiel, Francesca Moravcsik, Henry Morlock and Ursula Jones, Barclay H. and Ellen S. Morris, Werner Mueller, Diane Muhr, Pegeen Mulhern and Douglas Greason, John and Antje Munroe, James and Kathy Murray, Sharon Murray and Bob Fett, Maynard and Patricia Nelson, Andrew and Reidun Nuquist, Tom and Suzanne O'Dea, Amy Otten, John and Ann Owen, Richard Owens and Carol West, John Pane and Elizabeth Bassett, Alison C. Parker and Robert Fuller, Edward and Meredith Parsons, Tim Parsons and Anne Judson, Jenane R. Patterson, Dean Pepperine, Robert and Jane Perry, William and Nancy Persell, Judith Peterson, Richard and Elizabeth Poirot, Gene Porter and Nancy Garceau, Jeff and Mary Prindle, Joanna Rankin and Mary Fillmore, Shanna Ratner, Bob and Sandy Reese, CP and Louise Robinson, Alex and Phyllis Rose, Peter and Diane Rosenfeld, Jerry Ross and Holly Heller-Ross, Richard and Kay Ryder, John and Amy Saar, Holly and Mark Lawton, Benjamin Schweyer, Russell and Roxanne Scully, Alice Shaner-Simpson, Rick Sharp and Ruth Masters, Brian Shupe and Valerie Capels, Andrew Siegel and Ene Piirak, Jamil Simon, Douglas G. and Joan F. Smith, Stephen Smith and Mary O'Shea, Cynthia Sprague and James Converse, Randy and Cynthia Stacey, Michael and Veronica Stahl, Nancy Jean Steffen, Glenn and Sally Stephenson, Stewart's Shops, Jonathan Strong, Bob Summers and Orly Yadin, Sam Swanson and Joyce Gallimore, Charles Touhey and Alice Green, Susan Tucker, Fremonti and Lynn Valenti, Joannie Wales and Leigh Steele, Bruce Watson, Donald and Barbara Weaver, Gary West and Jay Seitz, Mary Winfree, Chuck and Missy Woessner, Elizabeth Woods, Bob Wright and Sylvia Knight, and L. Kinvin and Deborah Wroth.