LCC Opposes Proposal to Establish New Anchorages on the Hudson River

More oil barges on the Hudson could increase risk of a spill. Photo by Hudson River Anchorages.

Earlier this month, LCC joined with the Adirondack Mountain Club, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Advocates of New York, and the City of Plattsburgh in opposition to a proposal to establish new anchorage grounds on the Hudson River.

The tug and barge industry requested additional anchorages in part to support an increase in crude oil transport. Forty-two of the 43 berths are designated as "long-term." As such, there is substantial concern that the Hudson River could become a parking lot for barges transporting crude oil.

In a December 6 letter to the U.S. Coast Guard, LCC and partners noted that the proposal has several direct negative impacts to the Hudson River such as reindustrializing the river, disturbing the river bottom, creating air, noise and light pollution, and negatively affecting local communities. Additionally, adding barge storage of crude oil along the Hudson River could lead to increased oil transit by train through Northwestern New York communities, including more oil transport along Lake Champlain. If the Coast Guard decides to move forward with the project, it should conduct a full environmental review that considers the impacts of increased oil-by-rail traffic, including risks and impacts to Lake Champlain and affected communities in northern and western New York.