LCC Tackling Invasives

Frog-bit plants harvested from the Northeast Arm. So far, no new invasive populations have been found. Photo by Jessica Rossi.

The Lake Champlain Committee continues our collaboration with Arrowwood Environmental to map vegetation in Lake Champlain, identify invasive species populations, and eradicate any newly established populations. In addition we will produce maps of the plant communities present. This year work is concentrated in the Northeast Arm of the lake. So far, no new invasive populations have been found, though Eurasian watermilfoil is scattered at low densities throughout the area. The project is a continuation of work begun last summer in Missisquoi Bay and is funded by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

“Not only will we offer on the ground rapid response to any new invasive plants, we’ll also provide baseline data so future lake managers can understand how the plant communities have changed as a result of climate change, species invasions, or whatever else might affect the lake,” said LCC Staff Scientist Mike Winslow.