LCC Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Moss

Richard Moss makes LCC's IT systems hum smoothly. We think he's part wizard! Photo by Jessica Rossi.

Almost 20 years ago Richard Moss set up LCC's first networked computer system. He connected all our office machinery, made sense of a labyrinth of wiring, and ensured all our systems "talked to each other". He's been handling LCC's IT work pro bono ever since. Whether it's a computer crash, a software problem, or new technology to integrate, Richard always makes himself available to troubleshoot and keep our systems going. A CPA by training, Richard also has a knack for computers and has been providing computer support throughout Chittenden County since the mid-1980s.

"Richard keeps LCC's systems humming," notes LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher. "He is one of our longest serving volunteers and we're so grateful for his dedicated support."

When he's not helping LCC or others with computers Richard likes to spend time on and around the lake. He swims in it, picnics lakeside, and bikes on its shores.

"I volunteer with LCC because I believe in its purpose, and I believe in giving back to the community by donating my time and expertise." noted Richard. His favorite thing about the lake is its beauty - particularly at sunset.

If you share Richard's love for the lake and have some time to share, consider volunteering. From Trail stewards and water quality monitors to helping out in the office and at events, volunteers play a critical role in LCC’s programs and outreach. Visit our website to complete LCC’s online volunteer response form to let us know your interests and availability.