May 14 - 18 Way to Go Week

Pledge to walk, bike, carpool or telecommute at least one day during the week. Graphic by Way to Go Week.

Way to Go is an annual program co-founded by LCC to promote the use of cheaper, healthier, more earth-friendly alternatives to driving alone. Individuals, businesses, schools, organizations can all easily participate. Just pledge to get to work, school or play by walking, biking, carpooling, taking the bus or telecommuting at least one day during the week.

Sign up online and your pollution, gas and money savings will be calculated and you'll be entered into a drawing for great prizes including an iPod, Burton snowboard, overnight stays, bus passes, gift certificates, and the prestigious carbon cup! So curb the car and help curb pollution. Whether you live in the Lake Champlain Basin year-round or just visit here occasionally, we hope you'll join in the event.