Monitor water quality

Learn to distinguish cyanobacteria from other floating lake phenomena as an LCC monitor. Photo by Lori Fisher.

We're gearing up for the summer monitoring season and are looking for people to report on water quality. LCC cyanobacteria monitors receive training to assess water conditions, visit the same site throughout the season and file a weekly online report from mid-June through the end of September. The program provides critical data on where and when blooms are happening and is relied on by public health and environmental agencies to assess whether the water is safe for recreation. It also adds to our knowledge about the triggers for blooms so we can reduce their frequency. We're particularly interested in finding monitors for south of the Crown Point Bridge, southern Mallets Bay, Inland Sea (Milton and Western St. Albans area), Northern Lake (north of Horican Boat Launch in Alburgh, VT and north of Chazy, NY) and Quebec portions of Missisquoi Bay.

Click here to sign-up as a 2018 cyanobacteria monitor or attend a training session to learn more about lake issues. We'll follow up with you as soon as we have training sessions set for the upcoming season.