Poop Pick up Partners Needed for April Stools' Day!

An enthusiastic April Stools' Day clean up crew. Join them this year. Photo by Bob Henneberger.

Help clean up your favorite park or walking trail before spring snowmelt and rains send a lot of foul stuff to the local swimming hole. LCC is looking for community partners for our April Stools' Day events. The program enlists volunteers to fan out across the watershed to scoop the poop before rain and warming temperatures flush it into  our waterways. Why pick up pet poop? Besides the foul smell and unpleasantness of stepping in hound mounds, pet poop is bad for people, lawns and water. It takes over a year for pet waste to break down and most dog stools that aren't picked up end up in the water. Pets are responsible for up to one-third of bacterial pollution in waterways near developed areas.

Don't let Fido's leftovers foul the water. Contact Dom Brennan, LCC ECO AmeriCorps Education & Outreach Coordinator, if you're interested in organizing an event in your town. We'll supply gloves, pails, trowels, hand sanitizer and educational information and assist with publicity and outreach. Hope to hear from you!