Q+A with climatologist Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux

Dupigny-Giroux is also a geography professor at the University of Vermont, where she teaches remote sensing techniques and climate science. Photo courtesy of VT Digger.

Vermont State climatologist Lesleay-Ann Dupigny-Giroux answers pressing questions about the effects climate change will have on the Northeast. Dupigny-Giroux contributed to the Fourth National Climate Assessment as the lead author of the Northeast chapter. The National Climate Assessment was a report published on November 23, 2018, which focused on environmental, human health, and economic impacts of climate change in the U.S. VT Digger. 

Says Dupigny-Giroux, “the report that came out most recently specifically looks at the risks, the impacts and the vulnerabilities of climate change. This is the first time that it’s actually based around looking at risks — what has happened and what could happen.”

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