Scoop the Poop!

LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher (3rd from left) and volunteers at a 2019 LCC Scoop the Poop event in Williston, VT. © Lake Champlain Committee.

Left behind dog poop affects waterways everywhere, which is why a Michigan reporter contacted LCC’s Executive Director, Lori Fisher, to learn more about our April Stools’ Days. Word of our annual scoop the poop events has been circulating throughout the Great Lakes region to encourage responsible pet poop pick-up. Due to the need for physical distancing, we won’t be hosting our hound mound pick-up get-togethers this April, but we encourage people to go out individually and pick up the poop before spring rains wash the bacteria into nearby waters. Click here to read the article in the Ionian Sentinel that’s making the rounds in the Great Lakes.