Scoop the Poop - Picking Up After Pets

Photo by Lori Fisher

Whether in the street, the park, or your yard, cleaning up after pets helps to keep the waters safe. Left unattended, pet waste leads to:

  • Bacteria in the water that can close beaches and make people sick.
  • Excess nutrients that cause algae blooms.
  • Oxygen depletion when the poop breaks down.

What to do with the poop?

Flush It
The best option is to flush it down the toilet so it can be treated at the wastewater treatment facility or septic system.

Bury It
Burying the waste about 5” deep will allow soil micro-organisms to break it down while keeping the poop from being washed away by the next rainstorm.

Trash It
While not the best solution, putting pet waste in the trash is preferable to leaving it in place.

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