Send Your Paddling Pics Our Way

Your photo might grace the cover of our next guidebook like LCC member Tim Etchells’ did in 2019.

LCC seeks boating pictures to enhance our 2020 edition of the Paddlers’ Trail guidebook. If you ventured out on the water with a camera, please consider sharing some photos with us. We are looking for images of human-powered adventures on Lake Champlain and any discoveries made along the way. Scenes of paddling with friends (all wearing PFDs of course), packing your gear, fishing from your boat, and other visual reflections of water outings are welcome.

Submit your pictures via our online form keeping in mind the guidelines below.

  • Give LCC permission to use them for outreach and educational purposes, both online and in print.
  • Photos taken on the water should follow good water safety practices – such as wearing a PFD (personal flotation device) when paddling!
  • Label your photos in the following way: Date (YYYY-MM-DD)_Name of Photographer_Location_Photograph Description. For example: 2019_10_10_Jane Smith_Willsboro Bay_Early morning late season paddle in tandem kayak_Photo 1 of 5. 

Due to limits with our online form, photos can’t exceed a 10 Mb maximum file size per upload. If you have many photos to contribute, contact us at lcc@ to work out an efficient way to transfer them.