South Lake - Important Meetings on Phosphorus Reduction

The second round of important public meetings on the re-writing of the Lake Champlain Phosphorous Total Maximum Daily Load – or TMDL - the phosphorus reduction budget will be held November 14 – 17 in the southern portion of the Lake Champlain Basin.

The TMDL establishes an amount of phosphorus that can be absorbed by the lake and then allocates allowable discharges between point sources like wastewater treatment facilities and non-point sources such as agricultural and developed land run off. Despite extensive recent efforts to reduce pollution, we currently add far more phosphorus to the lake than is healthy for the ecosystem. The amount of phosphorus in the lake has not changed in most places and appears to be increasing in some lake segments. Too much phosphorus triggers weed growth and algae blooms (some of which can be toxic), causes low dissolved oxygen, and makes the lake less usable and enjoyable.

The meetings are an opportunity to learn more about phosphorus reduction needs, provide input on the practices, policies and funding necessary, discuss challenges and potential solutions for implementation, and share ideas and concerns about the approach. Each meeting is focused around a specific sector such as agriculture or municipalities.

If you plan to attend a meeting please contact Michaela Stickney, VTDEC Lake Champlain Basin Coordinator at so the state can ensure the meeting sites are large enough.

You can send written comments if you’re unable to attend.

For background on the issue see:

· The EPA’s disapproval decision finding that the 2002 TMDL is inadequate

· Vermont’s revised implementation plan for the TMDL

· The most recent State of the Lake Report, (see pages 4-10 for information on phosphorus loading)


TMDL Southern Lake Meetings

Monday November 14, 1:00 - 3:30 PM
Municipal, Wastewater Treatment Facility & Water Supply Sectors
Hosted by Vermont League of Cities and Towns
Middlesex Town Hall
5 Church St. (corner of Route 2 and Church St.)
Middlesex, Vermont
(802) 229-9111

Tuesday November 15, 9:00 11:30 AM
Mid-lake Watershed Groups & Municipal Sectors
Hosted by Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Addison County RPC Offices
14 Seminary Street
Middlebury, Vermont
(802) 388-3141

Thursday November 17, 1:00 3:30 PM
Agricultural Sector
Hosted by Poultney-Mettowee NRCD
Kehoe Conservation Education Center
636 Point of Pines Road
Castleton, Vermont
(802) 287-8339 @ Poultney Mettowee NRCD

Thursday November 17, 5:00 7:30 PM
South Lake Community Geographic Sector
Hosted by the South Lake Group
Green Mountain College, Gorge Room
1 Brennan Circle

Poultney, Vermont
(800) 776-6675