Thank You Cyano. Monitors

LCC monitor Joanne Cwikla got creative while monitoring, using a jar grabber to extend her reach while taking water samples. She and her husband John monitored five sites along the New York shoreline during the 2018 season. Photo by John Cwikla.

Deep thanks to all our cyanobacteria monitors for their diligent work during the 2018 season. Many began assessing site conditions in mid-June and filed their final report 19 weeks later in mid-October. LCC monitors and our partners at the Vermont and New York Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation gathered data from nearly 150 sites in the Lake Champlain watershed and filed more than 1,800 reports about water conditions.

“LCC monitors play a critical role in the effort to report conditions, keep people and pets safe, and add to our understanding of blooms to help reduce their frequency,” noted LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher. “We have one of the most comprehensive cyanobacteria monitoring programs in the country due to their dedication.” If you’re interested in serving as a monitor for the 2019 season, please let us know by <link get-involved volunteers cyanobacteriamonitors cyanobacteria-monitoring-interest-form>filling out our online Cyanobacteria Monitor Interest Form. Monitors receive annual in-person training and weekly support to help them accurately assess conditions during a season that runs from mid-June through the fall. 

A big shout out and hearty thanks to all our 2018 monitors: Ken Adams, Bunny Adler, Jeff Allen, David Andrews, Nicholas Arnold, Ryan Baker Dunn, Janine Banks, Mary Jane Banyi, Agnes Barsalow, Peter Benevento, Jeanette Berry, Corey Beutel, Dana Bishop, Trey Bowman, Ashley Bray, Tom Brayden, Philip Brett, Elise Breyette, Ashley Brisson, Ginny Bush, Kay Bushman, Jenna Calvi, Gary Carlson, Allan Carpenter, Elias Carter, Sheila Chairvolotti and family, Peter and Susan Cherouny, Lisa Cicchetti, Chelsea Clarke, Matthew Cleary, Jeff Clock, Catherine Collins, Kristin Collins, Nicole Conley, Melissa Cortez, Jordan Cota, Peggy Coutu, Kerry Crowningshield, Alfred Cummings, Joanne Cwikla, Todd deBurlo, Ann Dehner, Joshua Dein, Lily Delmarsh, Daniel Denora, Sandi Detwiler, Tim and Betsy Etchells, Graham Ferguson, Amanda Ferrero, Lori Fisher, Nick Flora, Nathalie Fortin, Cathy Frank, Robert Fricke, Logan Gaboury, Christopher Gabriel, Diane Gayer, Paul Gervais, Tara Gibson, Michael Goetz, Abigail Goldfarb, Brad Gooding, Bob Griswold, John Grivetti, Fred Guffey, Alexa Hachigian, Jeanie Halladay, Christine Herrington, Cathy Hickory, Bryce Hicks, David Holland, Phelps Holloway, Philip Hoyt, Samantha Humes, Maxwell Hunter, Houston Illo, Suzy Johnson, Madeline Joslin, Alec Kaeding, Curtis Keefir, Doug Kiser, Martha Kiser, Jack Koskinen, Travis Ladd, Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center, Steven Langevin, Morgan LaPointe, Elizabeth Lee, Carissa Leeper, Genevie Lemieux, Devon Lindsey, Lisa Liotta, Michael Long, Caryn Long, Merrily Lovell, Marcia Mazeine, Jon McBride, Sam McClellan, Bob and Mary McKearin, Nicholas Milano, Becky Miller, Andrew Milliken, Vivianne Morin, Mary Jay Mullowney, Larry Myott, Eileen Needham, Peter Neville, Kat O'Connor, Carol O'Donoughue, Sean O'Neil, William Parkhill, Doug and Gretchen Patterson, Paul Patunoff, Charles Payson, Lauren Pellegrino, Rachel Penders, Martha Perry, Dan Petherbridge, Zachary Pierson, Susan Poirier, Chip and Ann Porter, Abigail Postlewaite, Max Reiter, Mike Roach, Alison Rogers, Susan Saferstein, Lea Santos, Danielle Schneider, Anya Schwartz, Laurie Sedlmayr, Sophia Seman, Brittany Seraphin, Mike Sharon, Thomas Shebell, Ken Showalter, Joshua Sickels, John and Berney Skutel, Laura Smith, Gerard and Rita Sparacino, Randy and Cynthia Stacey, Michael and Veronica Stahl, Kathlyn Stauffer, Ken Sturm, Perry and Peggy Teillon, Levi Thill, Cornelia Tierney, Jim Van Hoven, Matthew Vaughan, Susan Vigsnes, Emily White, Chuck Woessner, Chip and Jo Wright, Nick Wyckoff and Katherine Yoder.