Thank You Donors!

Membership donations fuel LCC’s work. Photo by

Membership donations fuel LCC’s work. Photo by

Members are the lifeblood of LCC. Annual membership helps fund our work to protect and restore water quality, safeguard natural habitats, provide access, and educate and engage people in stewarding this beautiful waterbody. Our deep thanks to LCC members who renewed their membership or joined during July through September 2012. Wondering about your own membership status? Contact us at lcc@ and we’ll let you know when you last gave.

Renewing LCC Members

Anonymous (4), Judith A Agard, Peter and Susan Alden, Jeffrey Allen and Susan Hetman, Lisa Alther, Richard Alther and Ray Repp, Ann L. Armstrong, Seth and Margo Bader, Larry Barns, Susan and Bill Bartlett, Andre Bastien, Robyn Battaile, Honora Bechard, Eleanor Berger & Mike DiNunzio, Robert and Helen Booth, Alan and Jennifer Booth, David and Elaine Bruce, Barbara Bull, Daniel and Jane Burchard, Allan and Nadine Carpenter, Cerf-Dunbar Fund of the Community Foundation, Neil and Genie Christiansen, S. Gary and Terri L. Cole, Ed and Nancy Colodny, Thomas Cosinuke and Anne Kelton, Bill Cowles, Richard Cowperthwait, Alfred Cumming and Laurie Sedlmayr Cumming, Nick DeFriez, Arthur and Maryalice Demoree, Stewart and Claire Denenberg, Charles and Elisabeth Deslauriers, Don and Marty Dewees, Barbara Doh, Jim Duval, Nicholas and Lisa Dyslin, Charles and Suzanne Eastwood, Jon and Jackie Elliott, John and Jane Ewing, Stephen and Marian Feldman, Andrew and Clara Fisher, Georgia Shore Association, George and Carol Gibson, David Goodman, Jane and Joseph Gregware, Jim and Melinda Hamilton, Ernest Herr and Claire Herr-Quinn, Donald and Mary Ann Horenstein, Pete and Jane Hubbell, Richard R. Jeffrey, Keith and Nancy Johnson, Joseph and Nancy Kister, Donald and Lorelei Kjelleren, Harold and Carole Klein, Li Kudrnac, Andre and Nancy Leduc, Eunice and John Lemkul, David Long, Joan Madison, Robert and Eileen Mann, Susan McCarthy, Mark and Deena McCullough, Bob and Gloria McEwen, James and Sarah McGregor, David Miles and Deb Dwyer, Lisa Miller and Gregory Saum, Peter and Patricia Moles, Azur and April Moulaert, Andy Murphy, Amy Starble and Otis Starble-Murphy, Sharon Murray and Robert Fett, North Country Camps, Inc. , North Shore Tennis Club, Steven Oakland and Susan Deppe, Tom and Suzanne O'Dea, Ralph and Ghita Orth, Dr. Alice Outwater, Peter and Patty Paine, Alison C. Parker and Robert Fuller, Edward and Meredith Parsons, Charles and Linda Peake, Judith Peterson, Richard and Elizabeth Poirot, Byron and Marian Reed, Sharon and Glen Roa, Peter and Diane Rosenfeld, Jerry Ross and Holly Heller-Ross, Bruce Saxman, Jonathan Schneiderman and Jackie Skiff, Ann Schofield, Jim Schweithelm and Linda Disante, Jeremy Scott, Rick Sharp and Ruth Masters, Katherine Sharp, Robert and Theresa Singley, Cynthia Sprague and James Converse, Randy and Cynthia Stacey, Michael and Veronica Stahl, John and Roberta Stetson, Peter and Jo Ellen Swaine, Christopher Tabor, Carol Thompson, Selby and Maureen Turner, Reina and Will Warren, Bruce and Bernie Watson, Donald and Barbara Weaver, Debra Welsh, Gary West and Jay Seitz, Callie Willis, Lewis and Mary Willmuth, Steven Wisbaum and Suzanne Lourie, Chuck and Missy Woessner, Elizabeth Woods, Robert Wright and Sylvia Knight, Reinhard Zollitsch, Matthew Zucker and Claudia Marshall

New LCC Members

Anonymous (4), Josh Blumberg, John M. Bray, Mark Burney, Gary and Gretchen Carlson, Raymond Carr, Mary Castner and Max von Roth, Paul and Diane Clairmont, Christine Colangeli, Nathan Dansereau, Anita de Waard and Sebastiaan West, Martin Doerfler, Robin Fordham, William Miller, Madeleine Fordham and Morgan Miller, Gary Gillotti and Ginger Wilk, John Hartmann and Gabrielle McDermit, Ari Kugelmass and Karen Ambrose, Alexa Lewis, Merrily Lovell, Per Eisenman and Jenny Eisenman, Patton Massengill, Linda and Norm McElvany, John Messinger, Susan, George, Nathan and Ryan Mills, Lisa and Dean Percival, Rod V. Scott, Rick Steinberg, Ben Tuval, Robert, Laurie and Gabe Walters, Jennifer Weinert, Bryan, Beverley, Liam and Nathan Wemple