Thanks for the Heavy Lifting!

Photo by mag3737 from Flicker.

Thanks to the many people who assisted LCC with our move to 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington. We couldn’t have done it without the generous time and support of Dave Farrington, Bren Alvarez and the wonderful building, painting and moving team from BrickBox Company who did the fit-up and oversaw our move. Dave, Bren, Eric, Derrick, Gene, Scott and longtime LCC member and volunteer Pete Rosenfeld please take a bow! Thanks also to Steven Kellogg and Peter Paine for their generous donations and to Isabel Burnham, Tyler Austin Dooley, Larry Ebere, Jen Francoeur, Richard Moss, Alex Rose, Ben Rose, Phyllis Rose, Jim Schweithelm, Sheehy, Furlong and Behm, Jeanne Stark, Mary Van Vleck, and Lisa Ward for their help with packing, painting, and the move.