Underwater Transmission Line Update

A cross section of one of the cables proposed for burial in the lake bed. Photo courtesy from chpexpress.com

TDI – Transmission Developers Inc. – has filed initial documents for their proposal for an underwater buried electric cable with the New York State Public Services Commission. The proposed cable would run the length of Lake Champlain and bring electricity from Canada to New York City and vicinity. Where possible, the proposed route would lie in about 100 feet of water and the cable would be buried about four feet under the lake bed.  The initial filing includes maps of the proposed route and overviews of the project. Additional studies of the lake bottom in the proposed project area are scheduled to be added later this summer. TDI also began a series of public meetings on the project including one held in Plattsburgh on April 13th which LCC attended. Formal public hearings will be held in the summer. LCC will be looking at any impacts of sediment suspension resulting from the work, impacts of electromagnetic fields the buried cables might emit, and impacts on the benthic community.