UVM Students Donate to LCC Through “Dollar Enterprise” Program

LCC Executive Director Lori Fisher accepts a donation from CDAE Associate Professor Kathleen Liang on behalf of UVM students who participated in the “dollar enterprise” project. Photo by Jeanne Stark.

At a time when budgets are tightening throughout the country, University of Vermont students are generating revenue for local causes while getting a trial run at becoming an entrepreneur. Through the “Dollar Enterprise” program, part of an economics class taught by Dr. Kathleen Liang, students are each given $1 in seed money and work in teams to form a micro business. The proceeds go to non-profits chosen by the students. Last month, Dr. Liang delivered an $800 check to LCC on behalf of her students. "We are thrilled to receive this student support for our work to protect Lake Champlain's health and accessibility" said Lori Fisher, Lake Champlain Committee executive director. "UVM's Dollar Enterprise program helps students hone their entrepreneurial skills while strengthening their community."