VPR Highlights Water

Lake Champlain, its problems and potential solutions received extensive air time on the radio this past summer. Photo by Kathleen Masterson/VPR.

Vermont Public Radio took an in-depth look at pollution sources and solutions in their recent Downstream series. As they note, “when it comes to the health of Vermont waters, we’re all downstream. But tackling pollution isn’t a simple fix. From roofs and roads to forests and farms, many sources contribute to water pollution.” Recent episodes have tried to answer some of the following questions:

Should we invest in stopping sewer overflows or reducing phosphorus, and what are the trade-offs? What are the impacts of new clean water rules on small farms? How might they adapt to the impending changes? What are the challenges inherent in the proposed EPA clean-up plan? Why is it so difficult to keep pollution out of Lake Champlain? A 30,000 foot view of the watershed helps explain.