Way to Go!

Photo by CCTA

Over 3,800 individuals participated in this year’s Way to Go Week – an event to promote environmentally-friendly, healthy alternatives to driving solo. Thanks to everyone who joined in. Collectively we saved 254,633 miles of driving, 11,307 gallons of gas, over $23,000 in gas money, over $35,000 total in driving related expenses, 7,429 pounds of pollution and over 221,000 pounds of CO2 in just one week!   

The warm weather months are great times to explore ways to lessen the environmental impact of driving. Try walking or biking for short trips, call up a neighbor or friend who works near you and arrange to carpool, hop on the bus if you’re on a transit route, investigate options for telecommuting, and consolidate errands so that you make the best use of your automobile when you use it. You can find resources to help you at the Way To Go website.