Wilding Your Yard

Red oak is an example of a native tree species that could help rewild backyards in the northeast; oaks and other native trees offer more insects for birds than introduced plants. Photo by LCC staff. © Lake Champlain Committee.

Entomologist Douglas Tallamy is urging Americans “to go native and go natural” and move away from the monoculture of a lawn. He’s an advocate for native plants as a way of preserving North America’s natural ecology. His recommendations for rewilding the country include:

  • Shrink your lawn
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Create no-mow zones
  • Plant keystone species
  • Welcome pollinators
  • Use bacteria to fight mosquitos
  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Click here to read the Smithsonian Magazine article about the ecologist who wants you to unleash the wild on your backyard.