Kudos to Monitors!

Sincere thanks to our wonderful team of cyanobacteria monitors and partner organizations for diligently checking Lake Champlain and inland lake locations during the 2023 season. Monitors collectively filed nearly 3,000 reports over a 19-week period. We’ll provide an overview of the data in a future issue of E-News.

Join our team! 

Preparation for the 2024 season is underway and we welcome additions to our crew! If you have some free time every week during the summer and fall and want to give back to a waterbody you love, please sign up. You’ll receive training in the spring, a monitoring toolkit, and support from LCC staff throughout the monitoring season. We’ll also outfit you with gloves and a cool hat and T-shirt. By volunteering you’ll help gather important data to aid research, keep community members apprised of water conditions, and strengthen and expand the monitoring program. 

Hats off to our 2023 monitors:

Ellen Albertson, Jeff Allen, Reuben Allen, Jen Andrews, Nancy Andrews, Uma Ashrani, Rick Baker, Janine Banks, Joel Bartfield, Kurt Behrens, Marion Benevento, Jim Bennett, Jerilyn Bergdahl, Jeanette Berry, Bob Bois, Francois Boutin, Joe Brayden, Kathy Buck, Holly Bull, Jen Burkman, Gail Butz, Richard Butz, Yann Calderwood, Robert Caldwell, Christine Cano, Gary Carlson, Allan Carpenter, Sylvie Casella, Patti Cerra, Lori Charash, Oksana Ciolko, Catherine Collins, Philip Cowan, Julia Crocker, Carol Crosby, Al Cumming, Joanne Cwikla, John Cwikla, Sandi Detwiler, Valerie Dillon, Christina Duell, Kerry Dunkling, Judy Dunnan, Susan Dunning, Jaryn Dupler, Kevin Farrar, Dan Field, Patrick Finn, Lori Fisher, Kayla Fitchette, Eileen Fitzgerald, David Forbes, Terri Fox, Icha Gervais, Sabine Gervais, Mark Gibson, Mary Gibson, Parker Gill, Sara Gratz, Adam Grundt, Alexa Hachigian, Lynne Hale, Stephen Hale, Carol Hanley, Pamela Hebert, Ryan Heck, Rick Hedding, Matthew Herberg, Chris Herrington, Cathy Hickory, Dee Hodson, Jim Hodson, David Holland, Vicki Hopper, Emma Houle, Bob Ierardi, Peter Isles, Rei Jia, Alec Kaeding, Jaine Kellogg, Jeremy King, Doug Kiser, Marty Kiser, Gary Kjelleren, Jack Knight, Monica Lalime, Nancy Lambert, Steve Langevin, Jennifer Lawson, Alexa Lewis, Merrily Lovell, Thomas Lukas, Jennifer Martinez, Jon McBride, Don McDowell, Quentin McKinley, Walter Medwid, Timothy Meehan, Jack Mercik, Andrew Milliken, Irina Mirsky-Zayas, Ryan Mitchell, Sandy Montgomery, Brady Mueller, James Murphy, Sandy Murphy, Karen Neeson, Elisa Nelson, Katharine Noiva, Alison Parker, Bill Parkhill, Dorothea Penar, Chree Perkins, Dan Petherbridge, Susan Poirier, Jim Pontbriand, Chip Porter, Léo Prévost-Chansigaud, Fran Putnam, Spencer Putnam, Connor Quinn, Gail Rafferty, Lois Rawson, Rich Rawson, Virginia Renfrew, Kel Richards, Mike Roach, Jessica Roberts, Elisabeth Rondinone, Joe Rosen, Laurie Sedlmayr, Angela Shambaugh, Cathy Sheffield, Julie Silverman, Emmett Sirjane, Berney Skutel, Paul Smith, Jascha Sonis, Mallory Stafford, Michael Stahl, Pamela Strohmeyer, Megan Sutor, Romany Tafid, Mary Jo Teetor, Peggy Teilon, Perry Teillon, Bruno Tuffelli, Jeff van den Noort, John Van Dijk, Pat Vana, Susan Vigsnes, Barbara Wanner,  Jim Wanner, Mitchell Watson, Debra Welsh, Gretta White, Kiki White, Chuck Woessner, Chip Wright, Jo Wright, Carol Yarnell, Mason Zales, and Thomas Zych. 

We also greatly appreciate all the community members who filed reports; municipal partners in shoreland towns; state partners at the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, and the Vermont Department of Health; and the support and funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission.