Hats Off to Magic Hat

Some of the happy crew of Magic Hat brewers and LCC staff and volunteers who aided the search for the invasive Asian clam. LCC file photo.

For several years, Magic Hat Brewing Company has been funding LCC programs, promoting our work for clean water with special lake brews, and providing volunteer assistance for special projects. Our latest collaboration was a two-day session to search for Asian clams, an invasive mollusk that’s been found in nearby waterways. (See "LCC & Magic Hat Search for Invaders" above.) Many thanks to the following LCC volunteers and Magic Hat employees who joined us for training and field work: Cheryl Barrett, Michael Barrett, Brendan Brady, Haley Churchill, Kelly Combs, Ryan Dart, Adam Fuller, Julia Hegedus, Stephen Hill, Mika Jensen, Taylor Johnson, Gary Kjelleren, Robert J Kuntz, Monica McFarland, Colby Meunier, Ryan Ober, Pat O’Brien, Cameron Patterson, Christopher Rockwood, Stephanie Thibeault, and Jeremy Tyson. Happily we didn’t find any Asian clams during our shoreland sieving but we did have a great day together wandering along the lakeshore. Contact Executive Director Lori Fisher at 802 658-1421 if your business would like to play a greater philanthropic role in protecting lake health.