Lessons from the Flood – Successful Lakeshore Protection Projects

Trees provide protection from wave action and lessen erosion along the lakeshore. Photo by Mike Winslow.

In order to address lake shore erosion issues you first have to know what is causing the erosion. It is easy to look at the broad expanse of the lake and assume the crashing waves are the source of the problem, even when it’s not true. Frequently, the erosion originates with excess water coming from the land and creating rivulets. The best way to understand an erosion problem is by watching how water flows over the land during a rainstorm. That’s just one take away from the eighth installment of LCC’s “Lessons from the Flood”. This month we look at what makes a lakeshore protection project successful. This lesson includes information on how erosion control projects affect your neighbors and the ecosystem, links to resources to help plan projects, and tips on completing a successful project.