Photo by Richard Allen.

Site Steward Reporting Form

Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail (LCPT) Site Stewards are requested to visit their designated Trail locations at least once per month from June through September provided weather conditions and paddling abilities allow. Safety comes first.

Please complete the online form below to report on site conditions within one week of the site visit. Email us to request a hard copy form.

Not a site steward and interested in becoming one? Read more about this volunteer opportunity and complete an online interest form here.

Site Steward Reporting Form

Please complete the form below
Were the people at the LCPT site LCC members?
Did you pass out LCC membership information to them?
Condition of landing
Is the tenting area obvious?
Is there evidence of tent sprawl (overuse that creates de facto tent sites)?
Is there evidence of vegetation trampling or excessive cutting?
Does the LCPT site need brushing?
Does the site have a poison ivy problem?
Is there an obvious trail leading to the LCPT site?
Are there too many trails around or at the site?
Has there been cutting of standing dead or live wood?
Is there an established fire ring at the site?
Quantity of trash
Type of trash (check all that apply)
Were you able to remove the trash?
Does the site require a special clean-up effort?
If the site has a pit privy or composting outhouse, what condition is it in?
Is there evidence of a human waste problem at the site?