2014 Lake Look Archive

January 2014 - Pharmaceuticals in Water - Drugs from our medicine cabinets are getting into our water. What does it mean?

February 2014 - Nurdles to Neuston - Small plastic pellets from soaps and other products can be found in our waters

March 2014 - Planning Shoreline Protection Projects - What factors should landowners consider before undertaking erosion control projects?

April 2014 - Rail Transport of Oil Poses Lake Risk - The boom in fossil fuel extraction out west means a huge increase in traffic of dangerous unit trains along the shore of Lake Champlain.

May 2014 - Bass Tournaments - Does the proliferation of fishing tournaments affect the health of the lake?

July 2014 - Monitoring Algae Blooms - How do we know when and where blue-green algae blooms occur on the lake?

August 2014 - The Lake Protection Pledge - Steps all basin residents can take to reduce their impact on Lake Champlain

September 2014 - Spiny Water Flea Have Arrived - What Next? - Predictions about the ecological impacts of Lake Champlain's latest invasive species - the spiny water flea.

October 2014 - Microcystin - How Much Is Too Much? - Lack of nationwide drinking water standards for algae toxins has led to confusion.

2013 Lake Look Archive

January - Goldeneye - meet one of Lake Champlain's more common winter ducks.

February- Protecting Shorelines - A call for more legislation to protect lake shores.

March - A Response to Lake Flooding - Reviews the draft report of the IJC workgroup and their recommended response to lake flooding.

April - Water Pollution - A Systemic Problem - Thoughts on why over 50% of waters in the U.S. are considered impaired.

June - Norovirus - Investigating an illness outbreak at a public beach.

July - Leeches - An introduction to these blood-sucking denizens of our lakes.

August - Algae Bloom Triggers - Why do algae blooms occur when they do?

September - Dirt Roads - How much phosphorus pollution comes from dirt roads in the Champlain Basin?

November - Chaousarou - Learn more about a real Lake Champlain "monster", the long-nosed gar.

December - Tile Drains - What does the spread of tile drainage mean for Lake Champlain water quality?

2012 Lake Look Archive

January - After the Flood - Did the Fish Survive? - How fish handled spring lake flooding and Tropical Storm Irene

February - The State of Our Drinking Water Systems - The deteriorating state of America’s water supply infrastructure

March - The Return of the Eagle - Bald eagles have become more common

April - The Farm Bill and the Lake -  three key aspects of the Federal Farm Bill

Late Spring - Missisquoi Critical Source Area - Better managing nutrient loading in Missisquoi Bay

June - The Turtles of Lake Champlain - How many different types of turtle can you find in Lake Champlain?

July - Cumberland Bay Dredging - Twelve Years Later - Twelve years ago PCBs were dredged from Cumberland Bay. How has the bay responded since?

August - On Closing the Champlain Canal - More invasive species enter the lake through the Champlain Canal than any other source. That should change.

End of Summer - Predicting Blue-green Algae Blooms - Is it possible to know in advance how bad summer algae blooms will be? NOAA researchers think so.

October - Lake Champlain in the Energy Grid - Two new projects propose using Lake Champlain as part of the energy transfer network.

November - The Arrival of Spiny Waterfleas - What will happen if the spiny waterflea gets to Lake Champlain?

December - Sunrise Sunset - why are sunsets so colorful?

2011 Lake Look Archive

January - Counter Currents - how fish gills work

February - Freezing and Lake Ice - how ice forms on the lake

March - Fix A Leak For The Lake - how water conservation helps Lake Champlain

April - Cleaning Out - what happens to phosphorus after it gets into the lake?

May - Lake Flooding - What's it Mean? - what record high lake levels will mean

July - The Season of Peak Water Waste - tips for saving water around the yard

August - Duckweed - an introduction to the smallest vascular plants

September - Tern, Tern, Tern - an introduction to the three tern species found on Lake Champlain

October - Tropical Storm Irene: How Do We Respond? - how we treat our rivers after Tropical Storm Irene will affect Lake Champlain for decades to come

November - Tropical Storm Irene: How Do We Prepare For The Next One? - tools for making our landscape more resilient to flooding events

December - Gaging - The Future - stream gages in the Champlain Basin threatened by a lack of funding.

2010 Lake Look Archive

January - Steam Devils - mini-tornadoes on Lake Champlain

February - Pollution Trade-offs - why more nutrient pollution leads to less mercury contamination

March - The Lake Can Bite Ya - misadventures on the lake

April - Tugboat McAllister - the 1963 sinking of  a tugboat on the lake

May - Manufactured Gas - coal tars left from early industry and remediation efforts

June - A Snail's Pace - an introduction to snails

July - The Mutual Suffering of Milfoil and Algae - allelopathy between milfoil and algae

August - The Color of Water - what influences the colors we see in the lake?

September - Low Level Jets - lake driven autumnal windstorms

October - Antimicrobials - Extreme Clean Isn't Green - risks of antimicrobial soaps

November - Climate Change and Daphnia - an introduction to some zooplankton and how reduced ice cover affects them

December - Frosty Snow - snow physics

2009 Lake Look Archive

January - What Champlain Saw - notes from Samuel de Champlain's journals of his time on the lake

February - What Champlain Didn't See - changes in the landscape since 1609

March - The International Joint Commission - a history of IJC's involvement on Lake Champlain

April - On Driveways and Water Quality - impacts of driveways and sealants on water quality

May - How Can I Keep from Singing - songs of birds, amphibians, and fish

June - Parasites - an introduction to aquatic parasites

July - The Chazy Reef - fossils of the Chazy formation on Isle La Motte

August - Mosquitoes and Bats - the diversity of mosquitoes and the impacts of white-nosed syndrome in bats

September - The Future of Agriculture in the Champlain Basin - Time for a Switch? - switchgrass as an alternative agriculture

October - Rainbows - the physics of rainbows

November - Ballast - Stabilizing Ships, Destabilizing Ecosystems - ballast water as a source of invasive species

December - A Lake's Carol - Dicken's Christmas Carol adapted for Lake Champlain

2008 Lake Look Archive

May - Mildly Caffeinated - new generation contaminants in Lake Champlain

June - Don't P on Your Lawn - phosphorus in lawn fertilizer

July - Household Hydrology - home stormwater mitigation measures

August - Slosh Slosh - the internal seiche

September - Asian Clams - Annoyance or Nuisance? - Asian clams - a new 'invasive' species at Lake Champlain's doorstep

October - Rain, Rain Go Away - rain and lake levels

November - Marshes - an introduction to different types of marshes

December - The Case of the Three-legged Frog - frog deformities and possible causes

Earlier Lake Looks

The best of Lake Looks from 2002 through mid-2008 are collected in LCC's award winning book, Lake Champlain: A Natural History available for purchase on our website.